Doubts that Surround an Upcoming School Franchisee

Why become an Entrepreneur?

“Entrepreneurship is Living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”
The quote makes perfect sense as the very first steps of entrepreneurship are always the hardest. But forget not, that the rewards of entrepreneurship are themselves very enriching, manifold and long lasting. Here are some of them:
• This would be the opportune way of doing what you love to and follow your Passion.
• This way you have the chance to work with the greatest Boss, yourself.
• This would allow you to work for hours that you think suits your lifestyle the best.
• This is possible at almost any location, that you think best suits your work and family life.

Why choose Education Sector?
If you are looking forward to take the plunge to become an “Edu”-preneur, trust us, there is no looking back. Here are some reasons you should not worry about entering the education industry for your venture:
• This is a recession-free industry; no parent would compromise when comes to educating his/her child.
• This is the only sector, which offers a working hour schedule that can easily accommodate time for your family.
• This industry provides you with a unique satisfaction and pride as you get to shape the little citizens into better future individuals.

Why pick a Franchise and not start own School?
While entering the education industry, the most important decision for any entrepreneur is that of whether to join an already established school brand or to open a new individual school. Here are some concrete points as to why going for a school franchise is better:
• Parents always look for a trusted school and well-researched curriculum for their children.
• With experience and expertise of the franchisor, you can become a leader in your local market.
• You can get all the assistance in training, marketing, PR and even daily operations from the franchisor.
• With minimal risk involved and a proven formula of success to follow, business becomes fun.

Why own a SHEMROCK or SHEMFORD Franchise?
So now that you have made up your mind to buy a franchise with a leading brand in the education sector, here are some points why you should choose SHEMROCK or SHEMFORD:
• Owned and managed by highly qualified & most experienced management team.
• Special Curriculum and Education System based on 25 years of R & D.
• Strong presence all across the length and breadth of India and Nepal.

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