School Sector: The Ideal Sector to be in for Women

Here are 5 Top Reasons why it is felt that the school sector is an excellent choice for women:

  1. Respectability: The community always respects a Guru and we have seen over the past 25 years that with our excellent system- parents are always thankful to our franchisees for bringing our schools into their community.
  2. Working Hours: The working dates and timings match those of their children and hence women can have a career and maintain the work-life balance something which they have to sacrifice if they were to choose any other industry.
  3. Safe Environment: The School sector is a very cheerful environment and the presence of happy little innocent faces cheers up all the adults around them and makes them feel younger each day. Furthermore, at SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD, we address each other as “Ma’am” and “Sir”, which recreates a mutually respectable environment among the professionals too.
  4. Cash Flow Positive: Since the parents of the students pay the fee upfront there is nothing like Credit, dead stock, high commercial rentals which tend to suck the profitability of most businesses.
  5. Recession Proof: Finally the Entrepreneur can be rest assured that schooling is a basic need and will never go out of fashion and demand.

Taking School Franchise makes sense for not just women but also, for men who feel they would like to achieve financial freedom, a sense of entrepreneurship, the satisfaction of giving back to the community, respect among the parents while achieving a work-life balance that no other sector provides!

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