The Success Mantra of SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group

The secret of the success of our group’s franchise model over the past 25 years at more than 425 locations across India & Nepal is all its stockholders – the employees, franchisees, parents, students, suppliers, each one of them. The expertise of our leaders and their keeping abreast with the latest tricks of the trade is reflected by Mr. Amol Arora’s (VC & MD, SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of Schools) quote published in The Pioneer. He said: “There has to be a balance of technology and traditional style of learning that includes playing outdoor games and indulging in group activities. But, teachers should be mindful that the Internet doesn’t become an addiction for young children.”

So if we were to pick point the reasons for our Success, they would be:

  1. Offer Unmatched Support– We do nothing else but School Franchising with 100% focus. This is not our side business – it is what we work, we eat and we sleep over!
  2. The best Academic R&D department in the Industry– The benefit of our brand, owned by educationists, is that the curriculum will undoubtedly be the much better than businessmen who hire academics which come and go resulting in complete disruption of the academics – which form the backbone of any school system.
  3. Offer Large territories to each School – We do not like to grow in numbers at the cost of our existing branches. By not opening branches close by we compromise on the number of branches but each branch does well resulting in happy franchisees who are happy to pay.
  4. Charge Low Royalties – By having a model with one of the lowest royalties in the industry we ensure that we leave money for the franchisees. Others, who quote twice the royalties we charge and offer virtually nothing once the franchise is signed, have 2 reasons for the same:

a.) So they can bargain and make the franchisee feel that he got a good deal (which he did not and realizes later!)

  1. b) So they can extract maximize royalties from each new school

Moreover, we keep our eyes and ears open to the best practices in curriculum development which keeps us miles ahead of competition. We know what parents want, how to market nationally & locally, how to motivate our staff and our presence gives the parents a sense of security when it comes to leaving their precious ones in our care. Also, we invest Research &Development and utilize the royalties flowing in from all our schools for creating curriculum, training, marketing, brand, recruitment ability, online marketing, goodwill…and so on. We have teams at the Head Office researching best practices in all aspects of running a school and transferring all that know-how to our schools.

Through our franchise model, both we and our franchisees, complement each other’s strengths – our centralized R&D and their local know-how create a wonderful school system which has enabled us to produce so many successful “edu-preneurs” over the last 2 decades all over the country!

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