Sir what about EC ? Is it easy to get a license to operate a school?| How to Set up a School?

Watch this video to obtain registration & licenses in three easy steps. Mr. Amol Arora,MD – Shemrock & Shemford Group of Schools has come up with three effective ways to obtain the licenses for your school. Watch now!!

This question is from Mr. Umang Sharma who is asking me about how easy it is to get the licenses to operate a school? The fortunate or unfortunate thing about education is – it’s a concurrent subject which means both the state and the central government have a right to education. They have a control over the education system in India. So what will work in your area? You ask me a question about licenses and registrations. I don’t know because you didn’t mention which part of the country you are from I’ll try and answer it on a general note. The best way is go to the basic shiksha adhikari or pradyatmik shiksha adhikari or the District education officer. Go to the Department of Education and speak to them about this I think they are the best people to guide you on how easy it is, what the requirements are and the good thing is that they tend to be very helpful because every government wants, every department wants good schools to open in their area. So, they’ll be very helpful & they will guide you as well. That’s one thing I can tell you. If you have friends who are running schools, of course, you can speak to them as well – in the same state. As long as it’s the same state the rules are going to be the same. If you ask in your area, they may not help you because they would not want competition to come up. But otherwise just speak to some school owners in some other part in city, reach out to your friends in other cities, ask the school owners as well. So, these are two ways I can tell you. I mean if you get in touch with our team – we have state managers all across the country, you can just fill in the form, go to or search for Shemrock franchise. There will be a form, fill up the form. My state manager’s number will be given to you and he will also guide you on the requirements for your state since we have a presence in virtually every state of India. Our managers can also guide you. So, three ways – the education department, a school owner in the same state and third is my state manager. So, I hope I have answered that question Umang. If you have any more questions right down in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe or the press the Bell icon. I’ll keep posting more videos and try and answer questions. I want people to set up more schools, but also not make mistakes while setting up, otherwise, it will cost them lakhs of rupees. People’s teachers’ jobs get lost because they’re making critical mistakes. Children who join your school then have nowhere to go in the middle of the session. So, that’s why I’m helping people out. I want good people to set up schools people who are curious, who want answers before they jump in. so, I hope I have answered that question & good luck in your school project Umang!!

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