Special Diwali Celebrations at SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD via Exclusive Video for Children

Diwali holds a very special significance for all of us. We, at SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD, make sure that we celebrate most national and regional festivals throughout the academic year, to help children learn and appreciate different values, beliefs & cultures most. Therefore, our team created an interesting & short video on the Story of Lord Ram, to teach our children about the epic of Ramayana and its relation with our festival Diwali.

We shared it with the children in our family; that is with all the thousands of children in our 400+ schools. The video saw an overwhelming response on our websites & social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. and it went viral in no time. Also, we forwarded it to our group members and other friends on Whatsapp and received lots of responses from a lot of viewers who appreciated us for creating and sharing it. Most people said that their kids loved watching it and they forwarded it to their friends as well.

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