The Right Location for School: Our Requirements, Your Preferences and the Next Steps

Area Requirements:

There are certain requirements that we need for the Area for various options of our schools, as per the guidelines laid down by the Government. There are different options that you can consider based on the location and investment availability:

Option 1: SHEMROCK Preschool

Area Required:  2000 sq. ft. built up area on ground floor (In Mumbai & Kolkata – City Area Requirement is 1000 sq. ft.) Investment: 5-7 Lakhs

Option 2: SHEMROCK Primary School

Area Required: 6000 sq. ft. built up area

Investment: 12 Lakhs

Option 3: SHEMFORD School (CBSE)

Area Required: Minimum 2 Acres (In Urban cities with a population of more than 25 Lakhs- 1 Acre)

Investment: 75 Lakhs

These are the minimum area and investment required to setup a Quality school. If you wish to invest more in the infrastructure, we can discuss & guide you on how to best invest your hard earned money in an optimal manner that is optimally used.

Power to choose your own Preference:

Of course, you can start stepwise as well, start a preschool and as you get the confidence, you can start a primary school and then after a couple of years, you can always convert to a formal school.

If you have taken the decision to join the SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD family but are still looking for a suitable location, we can provide help.

We have panels, databases of locations and dealers who will show you a number of locations in an around your preferred city and you can shortlist the one that you feel is most viable and within your budget as well.

Moreover, like many of our existing franchisees, you can anytime go on to take more than one location or recommend it to your friends.

The Next Step:

To proceed ahead you can follow any of the following options:

Option 1: Visit us!

Now if you feel you wish to take the next step towards joining the SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD family, you must meet us, at our Head Office in Delhi. You would get a chance to see your setup, get a feel of the vibe of our office, see our team and also meet our management. It would be our pleasure to have you over.

Option 2: Have a face to face meeting in your city!

Alternatively, if you are interested in having a face-to–face meeting with our team member from Delhi in the coming months in your city, you can let us know on our Head Office Number to fix up the same.

Option 3 (The Quickest!): Send us the proposed location pics

If you would still like things to move faster, you can email or WhatsApp the property details for approval and we can check the feasibility, distance from existing branches and the suitability of the location and get back to you.

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