4 Compelling Reasons that Make SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD’s Curriculum the Best Choice

The most significant long term determinant of success of any school is not its location or school building, but it’s Curriculum. Following are some insights on our curriculum and system and why we believe it is the best in the industry:

1. 100% Owned and Managed by Educationists
Our management team consists of some of the most renowned names in the education industry including Ex-Professors and PHDs, who are working solely for their love of education. With a dedicated and efficient R&D team, we ensure that our schools continue to the number 1 in providing quality education.

2. Years of Experience
We have been managing our chain of schools for 25 years and today more than 3,00,000 children have received education from our schools. Our franchisees have been with us for over 22 years, which clearly proves that our system works and our franchisees and parents continue to be with us year after year.

3. Industry Recognition
We are perhaps the most awarded school chain in India, our management writes regularly in the country’s most prominent parenting and women’s magazines and they also speak regularly at most industry conferences. This highlights the respect for our work in the education sector.

4. Chosen by Educationists
Our brand has seen conversions of schools from other National Brands to our schools chain and local schools run by educationists for decades, who realized it was much more beneficial for them to join us. Moreover, we had 2 staff members of CBSE join us as our franchisees after their retirement.

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