Where and How to Buy the material for your school? How to Open a School or Playschool in India | Easiest Way of Starting a School

Interested to know where & how to buy material for opening a school? Watch this video where different ways of procuring the material are discussed. Also, the best & easiest way to procure material & opening a school is revealed.
Say for example you want to start a preschool, you can buy the material or furniture locally from any vendor. For toys & other teaching aids, you should first make a list of the materials. You can check other schools in your area to do the same. Or the easiest & simplest way to open a preschool, primary school or 10+2 school – take the franchise of the school or school franchise. Get amazing discounts & start your school faster or in the shortest possible time without any hassle. Also, save a lot of money by taking a school franchise. Take help of an expert who will give you price & quality advantage. Open a school successfully so that it also operates smoothly even after many years. Take school franchise, it’s a one-stop solution. Compare all franchise options if you want or simply take school franchise of one of the best & most trusted schools Group – Shemrock & Shemford Group of Schools.
If you are adamant to start the school yourself without any help, then also this video is for you. Also, learn how you can open a school on your own without taking a school franchise. Watch the complete video & fins out answers of all your questions.
Tip: Be careful with school consultants!

Hello, today’s question I got from Miss Radha Kumari where she says where and how to buy material for my school. I think, the easiest answer is just Google whatever you want to know. So, what would you require? For example, let’s look at it-if it’s a preschool. You would need to have a common area with your office furniture. Again, purchase it locally from any vendor. You don’t have to buy it from a metro city or import it to your country. You can buy it locally as well – office furniture. Then, there is teaching needs, toys. Again, make a list of categories of things you want. So, when you go around the schools in your area trying to see what they are offering, try and make a list of things you observe which are required. When you take a franchise, of course, everything is given ready-made with us or we give you the list of vendors, we tell you this is what needs to be procured. We have got amazing discounts, it becomes a One-Stop solution, is faster, there are no hassles, for everything we just say – trust us right now – in terms of payments and everything and then focus on getting your school launched in the shortest possible time rather than trying to look source for chairs, furniture, teaching aids, wooden blocks, toys. Everything is sourced for you and at a very competitive price. You save a lot of money with us as well. On the other hand if you want to do it yourself –So… I mean it’s a bit illogical right? It’s like if you want to buy a car today, would you go out in the market and start purchasing, you know steering from somewhere else, wheels from somewhere else, axle from somewhere else, you know the engine parts from somewhere…try to assemble them with no background in mechanical engineering and even if you are a mechanical engineer, can you assemble a car? No! So, that’s the problem. People try and do it themselves and waste a lot of money and more importantly they waste a lot of time as well. When somebody already has the expertise, when somebody has already been done it before, has volumes and has price and advantages as well. Not only from the price point of view, we have advantage. The advantage is also from the quality point of view because we have checked the quality. The product has to last. The vendor has to give after-sales service to our franchises as well which could include not just support, if in case something goes wrong, but also sometimes teachers require training in that product. After 5-3-2 years, you may have hired new teachers & they don’t know the product. If the vendor is associated with us, training would be given in case it’s required on how to use that product. So, make a list if you’re going on your own I will still try and help you if you are hell bent that I want to do it myself then yes, please go around the schools in your area because I think that’s where you can get the best ideas from. Make a list of things you observe. Then make a list of things they are talking about as their USPs. We have this…we have this…so you ask them what better they have to offer children? And when you come out of that school, make a list of things that you saw and heard and one-by-one, start Googling them when trying to start finding sources in your area because you don’t want to purchase something from a far-off city where you end up spending a lot of money on transportation as well, that doesn’t make sense. So, try and find out things & suppliers in your area as well. There are a lot of fairs as well which happen-education fairs happen. You can just again Google your city name or any Metro town. Most tire or metro cities in India today have these educational fares where lot of exhibitors put up stalls and you can actually go and visit them. And at one location, see, what are the kinds of things that have been offered in schools today, what are the latest products which are there in the companies. So that’s one of the ways. There are school Consultants as well that charge money only one time, but be careful with whom you’re tying up with. There are all kinds of consultant people who have no idea what kind of advice they are giving, people who earn a lot of money from kickbacks from these vendors whoever they recommend. In India, there is a standard 10 percent cut that people get and you should know that you might be paying 10% extra just because you are going through a consultant. So I believe it today with Google-it’s easy to do your own research, use just dial, use India mart. These websites have good listings about top of the companies. If you are giving somebody business and you show your seriousness and intent they can come and visit you. Otherwise, you will have to go company to company, plan your tour in the city accordingly. And yeah, good luck, but again take a franchise, it is much easier, one-stop solution, liability, price advantage and it’s just make good sense. And, compare other franchise options as well. We are happy to get you ours as well and share what we feel. And make an informed decision. So, yeah, I hope I’m able to answer that question about how to source material and so with that any more questions, you know what to do. Write in the comments below and I’ll try and answer them also. Do subscribe to the channel as well and it’s my promise to you, I’ll keep posting videos, sharing whatever I know based on my 30 years in the sector. And again, if you have any questions, write it down, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be happy. I may not answer immediately, but I’ll try and make a video and answer that question as well so that others can also benefit. I believe instead of writing it down, making a video makes things much clearer. So, good luck in your school project and do keep in touch.

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