Why take up an established Franchise and not stand alone?

Over the years, it has been seen that one of the biggest dilemma’s before someone considering a franchise is whether to take a franchise at all or go alone.

It is tempting to build one’s own brand and there are some successful standalone schools, which you may find in and around your locality. But people are now becoming more and more brand conscious than ever before. It is because brand equals Trust in everyone’s mind. There is a feeling that if one is sending one’s child to a branded school, they are taking the necessary step to ensure the child’s quality education. This in turn leads to the brand becoming a symbol of quality and hence, a status symbol.

Today it is difficult for any new entrant to establish themselves. The only way to enter the market would be by investing more than the existing players- which mean more land, better building, and more advertisements – all of which require heavy investments. However, this strategy would not last long. As soon as you are successful some other entrepreneur will try and dislodge you with the same strategy. So how do you ensure that with your new project you are able to dislodge the current leader and establish a lead which you are able to maintain into the future as well?

Well the simple answer is – joining hands with not just with an experienced player, who can deliver the best ‘quality’. The brand, advertising campaigns or your infrastructure can help you get the initial footfalls but the quality of the curriculum, systems and school operations help you in maintaining the lead over any new player, who may try to copy your model but will not have access to the school system that you have.

Additionally, they will not have the advantage of the kind of media coverages that big brands get- something which you can build on rather than starting from scratch. So, it makes much more sense to start your project in association with a quality brand which people trust. This would surely give your school project the jumpstart and later a Good Brand with experience in the industry will ensure that with its continued R&D – your school will continue to be known, far and wide, for quality education.

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