A Unique Feeder School Strategy for SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Franchisees

Since the land and building requirements for setting up a school take time, therefore, we at SHEMROCK follow a unique Feeder School Strategy where we open schools in those areas where procuring the necessary land is taking more time.

This is one of the ways by which our partners are blocking their locations by signing the agreement and setting up the school in temporary locations while they look for land which fulfills the CBSE requirements.

Advantages of the Feeder School Strategy

Quick Start

You get to start the school quickly and by the time the land approvals, the building approvals and the construction is completed, you will already have enrolled a large number of children in your school. Once your school is constructed, all that needs to be done is setting up of the interiors and marketing activities, all of which doesn’t need more than a few months.

Feeder Schools for younger children

If the land where you plan to open the main school is on the outskirts of the city, parents of younger children (ages 2-3 years) may hesitate initially to send their children to distant locations. This is when opening a feeder school inside the town helps the parents choose SHEMFORD for their children. Once they have experienced the SHEMFORD Curriculum and our distinct system of education and the children have grown a bit older, they will willingly send their child to the main campus. These locations can continue to operate as feeder schools because of their location inside the town.

Early Brand Building

Another advantage of this strategy is that while your school building is coming up, the feeder schools help to establish the brand in your city as the children are receiving education from the SHEMFORD System of education, hence spreading your reputation by the word of mouth. By the time your building is ready, SHEMFORD will be a well-established name in your city and you will get a much better response to your launch.

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