can we accommodate day care in your franchise ? OR is daycare part of your franchise programme? | Want to open a school with daycare?

Open a playschool or 10+2 school with daycare in a simple way. Also if you are interested in maximising your school revenue, watch this video to learn how you can supplement your school income.

Hello! The question I got is – from sagar talvarkar. He says – Is the daycare included in our franchise? Yes! That’s the best thing about opening a playschool or 10+2 franchise that you have many other ways to supplement your income through after-school programs whether its daycare, you can do extra classes, tuition classes, handwriting classes, you can do a book Library, a toy Library anything where you can supplement your income, your revenue after school hours since the building is vacant and the majority of expenses of a school are the rentals of real estate. So, if it’s a 10+2 school you can run a Cricket Academy after school tuitions. Yes, you should try all these and see what will work in your area based on the demand and based on the kind of infrastructure you have. For example, if you’re running a play school you can’t run an IT centre in the same Institute because the interiors don’t match. But otherwise you can see… okay!… What do my interiors match and what kind of parents would be willing to come to my location? So yes, we in fact not only allow it is already a part of our franchise offer, but we also give ideas and we share best practices on what has worked with other franchises. So if you want to supplement your income, you want to work. Otherwise the best thing about running the school is that by 2 o’clock you go home you’re with your family with your children you get the holidays. If you feel you’d rather work some extra hours and get some supplemental income. There are a lot of after school programs that you can run. So yes, I do allow ahead & we encourage that as a part of our franchise program. Hope that answers your question – Sagar. If you have any more questions, let me know put in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe and click on the bell icon. I’ll keep posting more videos answering more questions to the best of my ability. Good luck in your new school projects.

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