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Opening a school is now easy! Watch this video and learn everything about seeking the govt. approvals for your schools. Watch Mr. Amol Arora – The Schooling Expert where he explains in detail – the procedure to seek govt. approvals for school & how it is done easily.

Other question I got was about government approvals. And what kind of approvals do you need to set up a school? Well, as you know schools generally are of three categories: one are the preschools which are considered the school before grade 1 which is a playgroup, LKG, UKG. So, they are called preschools, pre-primary schools, kindergarten schools, Montessori School, nursery schools, play way schools, playpens schools – it’s all the same. So any school which has classes only before grade 1 are the preschools and again the classes can be called as playgroup LKG, UKG, Nursery, KG, Montessori-1, Montessori -2 based on whatever philosophy they’re following.

Right now, in majority of states & countries across the world, there are no regulations right now and they’re pretty much run like a coaching Institute or tuition centre where you can pretty much do whatever you want, which is as I said, as you would know, I feel it’s a good and bad thing. Good thing is- it’s easy for any entrepreneur to set up a nursery school. But the bad thing is that anybody can open a school without any background check, whether they’re supposed to be with children or not. And that’s unfortunate. However, the regulations are coming in slowly as the world is getting more aware of the sector called the preschools. And you should check with the local managers. For example, when you take a franchise, you can fill up our form on a franchise section- just search for or –S H E M F O R franchise and you will have a page which will show you the form – fill it up. My state manager will contact you. You can get the number of my state manager who would guide you on what are the regulations because every state has different regulations. Good thing is that in almost all states preschools continue to exist. So, the rules are pretty affordable, the charges are pretty affordable and the rules are pretty manageable, they are doable. So, unless you set up a one-room school on 8th floor of the building which is highly unsafe, I believe you will be able to meet most of the demands. So that’s for the preschools. I can’t go into too much detail. But again, as I said fill up the franchise form on Select your state or country and we’ll be able to guide you on that.

Another schools, which are the ones where your school could go on from playgroup maybe or LKG to past grade 1. Now, maybe you can add one class every year now. So the school goes untill the primary classes. Again, most places around the world – grade 1 is where formal education starts. So, you would need to get some kind of registration done. This registration is called recognition in certain States. In Hindi, this is called Manyata as well so you can get that done from the basic Shiksha Adhikari or the Department of Education in different areas. So you have a Department of Education which normally is concerned with schools from grade 1 to maybe 8th or 9th – 8thmostly. Till 8th, you have to get your registration done from the Department of Education, again a simple Google search will help you with that. It shouldn’t be very difficult, a lot of people talk about this topic as well. In India, if you are setting up now a school beyond grade 8th, you will have to find a board. Normally, I would believe you will try and go in for ICSE or a CBSE board. That is called affiliation. If your school is below class 8th. You don’t need to have an affiliation, you can just run your school with recognition and you can say that I’m following the CBSE pattern. However, once you start grade 8th & above you will have to apply to one of these boards for affiliation. Find out their minimum requirements again, ICSE & CBSE, both have websites where they have very clearly outlined the requirements. So you have to fulfill those as well and fulfill the required norms of the states, norms of a National Building Code for all the different norms regarding construction of a school building. So, a good architect should be able to guide you on that. So when you set up a school, the thing is that you have to ensure all the Norms. Every department has norms – the fire department has its own norms, NBC has its own norms. So, different departments have their own norms. Your local Municipal Corporation is going to put in their own standard of how much coverage you can do, how high the building can be, how much setback you should leave on the sides? You have to ensure that your school covers all the norms and it’s not very different. It sounds a bit complicated but it’s not that difficult.

So, once you are going for 8th and onwards, you have to go in for affiliation for your school as well. And again, so that’s in brief I could tell you what the basic requirements of government’s approval for a school are. I hope that answers your question. And if you have any question, like always – write down in the comments below, click on the Bell icon. Don’t forget to subscribe because I made a commitment to myself of regularly posting the videos. I want entrepreneurs across the country to set up really good schools as this country requires a lot of schools and we have to set up good schools. The responsibility of educating future generations can’t be left to the government, can be left to a handful of private players as well. We like more people to come, let there be competition, let parents have a choice and whoever’s offering the best value for money to parents and they feel children are growing. That’s the school that should do well. And that’s the reason why I make these videos. Wish you All the Best!! Feel free to comment something. I’ll be happy to write the answers. Good luck!

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