How to Open a School in a Rural Area?

A robust, quality education system in rural areas is the need of the hour, today. Generally, families shift to urban areas to provide better education to their children as the quality of education in rural areas is not up to the mark. Opening a school in a rural area is definitely a visionary decision & an act of appreciation. So, how exactly can you open a school in a rural area? Or what is the difference between opening a school in a rural location and urban location?

Well! The rule for starting any new project & its success remains the same, may you open your school in any location. So, what exactly that rule is?

The rule is: provide “value for money”. Parents should get value for every penny they invest in their child’s education. This means whatever fees you charge, they should feel it’s worth it & their child is obtaining benefit from it. Even if they compare your school with other competitor schools, they should find your school better.
But how would you do that? How would you change the perception of parents for better?
When initially your school doesn’t do well, parents create a bias against it, so it becomes difficult to convince them in your favour. So, what can help in such a situation?

You might have heard of a term called “Brand”. This brand is very important in creating an image before people. It represent quality of education, superior teachers, infrastructure, etc. In short, all these things in your school should be better than your competitor. Today, parents don’t look for a cheap school or cheap education for their children. If they would, they could have easily enrolled them in some government school. But they look for a reputed private school for their children so that they can give a lot more to them than basic education, by spending a little extra. So, as an entrepreneur, you have to decide what extra & special can you provide, to impress parents in your locality.

As a smart entrepreneur, you should look for a good, reputed brand to collaborate with. For a brand to be good, doesn’t require to be cheap or extra expensive, you are not meant to build a 5-star hotel like school in your village, you just need to set up a school which is better than what are established currently. So, when parents visit your school, they should feel “I wish I could go to this school as well”. Unless this kind of reaction comes, your school won’t work well.

For this you require right set of guidelines. A complete prior knowledge is indispensable before opening any kind of school. You can gather that crucial knowledge in the upcoming webinar on “How to Open a School Successfully Post Corona” on 31st May’20, Sunday at 3 PM. It is an absolutely FREE webinar, no charges, no hidden cost.

This webinar is also important as people are losing their jobs, industries are shutting down due to this lockdown & corona episode. So, anyone who is thinking of opening a school or starting a new business, this webinar will guide her right. People can safely invest in school sector as other sectors like retail, restaurants, airlines, etc. are not performing well these days, so it wouldn’t be logical to invest there at this time.
School or education comes under the basic need of children. So, the school market is still very strong. Today, may be schools are closed but very soon they will get opened. In fact, schools in Europe, Vietnam & China have already started. So, schools will gradually open everywhere in some time. Second prominent reason to invest in this sector is the satisfaction that you get, serving your community. You provide good education to children in rural areas, can create a good education system there.
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Bottom line

The basic thing remains the same whether you start your school in rural area or urban area. You just have to “wow” the parents with your school. This rule is applicable to every sector. As a smart investor you simply have to collaborate with a brand that gives high returns at low investment. You can research about different brands, though that would be a hard nut to crack. Or you can simply join hands with an established & reputed brand that has been there in the industry for the years. For example, Shemrock & Shemford Group of Schools. It’s a great brand & the best part is, you can open your school with it in just 5 lakh rupees which includes your infrastructure, interiors, board, AC, office furniture, RO system & CCTV cameras. I won’t tell you more, research about this brand yourself. If you find it worth investing in, collaborate with it.
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Good Luck!

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