The Basic Requirements to Start a School

Interested in opening a school? But not clear about the basic requirements? Well! Starting a school in India is easy these days as there are no stringent norms or onerous requirements to fulfill. That means you don’t require any specific qualification, degree, background or teaching experience. Any aspiring entrepreneur who want to make career in this field can set up a school.

But there are definitely some rules to it that you must follow if you want to open your own school. These rules are from government’s point of view for registration. Or you can simply say, there are some registration formalities which are different for different types of school: Pre-Primary school, Primary school & 10+2 school where you have to seek affiliation from the School Board. Also, which school you should open is based on the investment & locality, you can afford.

Moreover, this Corona episode has brought some changes in the regulations & government’s norms. You can know about these changes in detail in the upcoming Exclusive Free Online Webinar on “How to Open a School Successfully Post Corona”. As I said, it’s a free of cost webinar, no hidden charges & it is going to be held on 31st May’20, Sunday at 3 p.m. when you can easily attend it. It’s a must-attend webinar for all the aspiring entrepreneurs who were planning to start a school before lockdown & now are again thinking of opening a school. But it is better you stay updated & aware about the changes that are going to come in the education sector. In this webinar, everything is going to be covered like change in processes, change in investment, change in how schools will operate, government approvals, etc. after lockdown.

It’s a very informative webinar for all the people who are planning to start a school & also for those who are thinking of opening a stable business, as school is a recession-free business, you are giving something back to community & can be started with as low investment as 5 lakh rupees. Moreover, it brings satisfaction, respect & work-life balance as you can come home by 2 o’clock & get all the holidays, your children get.

So, if you are serious about opening a school, don’t miss this webinar. It is absolutely free of cost. You can ask all the questions regarding starting of a school. You can watch videos on Youtube by the name of Amol Arora, related to school opening, explore this sector & gather as many advanced questions as you can before attending this webinar. Clear all your doubts from the host of this webinar. It’s a great opportunity to gather knowledge & all the information before opening your school.

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You are just a step away from fulfilling your dream & right guidance is very crucial in this situation of chaos. As schools are opening very quickly, you can judge yourself the potential of this sector. So, opening a school is definitely a good idea & moving ahead with complete knowledge & information is essential for its success. So, don’t miss this webinar & update yourself with the changes that may come in this sector.

All the best!!

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