What will be the salary of a nursery teacher? | How to start a nursery school?

Watch this video to learn about the criteria to fix the salary of teachers in your school. Also get the right advice by the Schooling Expert on what should be right way to ensure the success & goodwill of your school for long. He also discussed the possible problems that you may face in your school regarding teachers.

All right, this question I got from Mr. Aatish Tupay, he says what will be the salary of a nursery teacher? Salaries of teachers depend on the local area. How much is the affordability and how much people or your competition is already paying so salaries are determined by the demand and supply of an area. Of course, there are regulations to be followed in terms of minimum wage of the area. But more than that, you have to look at what exactly you pay based on the capability of the clamp of the teacher. As well as based on the demand that you have. Many schools are chasing the same talent, of course, salaries are going to get higher. So, I’ve seen salaries range anywhere from 5 -15000 rupees for a nursery teacher. It totally depends on the area and the kind of quality that you want to give. One of the good things is when you have a franchise network or you have franchise of a brand you are not dependent on teachers as well. Because if you open a school yourself then you’re dependent on the quality of teachers. If you have good teachers, the school is good. If teachers are not good then suddenly you lose some teachers. Your competition takes away 5 or 6 of your teachers. The quality will dip suddenly and all your investment, goodwill of many years can get lost in just one go. The good thing in a franchise system is that you have a system which is working irrespective of the quality of teachers and teachers may come may improve, they may come and go. Unlike, previous years when I was at school teachers would stay with us for 12 years and the same teachers will end up retiring from the same school. But today teachers are as professional as other careers or other professions as well and you see them change after 2-3 years as well. So, the best thing is, that I personally recommend that way if you want to ensure that your school is one of the best in the city and not dependent on today you find somebody or if not found somebody – the quality is going up and down, it confuses parents. So, I think a franchise network works very well for you. A – They help in recruitment. So, we have a pan India recruitment. We have an HR department who recruits teachers pan India, we train them give them lesson plans, monitor the quality, all that is done for you. So that’s an advantage of being a part of a franchise. But if you want to do it yourself, then yes, you’ll have to give out the ad in newspaper, spend money on recruitment. You’ll be trying to do hit & trial. We already have the experience. It’s something that you benefit from that, where we know what will work, what kind of teacher can work in different criteria. Tomorrow when you go into a primary schools, 10+2 school, it becomes more and more complicated. You would need experts to help you. So yes, if you are interested just do an online search on Shemrock and franchise, fill up the form and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. My state manager will be able to help you and see the feasibility of your location. Meanwhile again, don’t forget to subscribe the channel if you have any questions, any more questions, do you ask them in the comments section. I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability. So Aatish. Thanks for the question. I hope I’ve been able to answer the best that I could. Thank you!

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