Best Things about being a part of the SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Franchise System

Besides getting a return on their capital and time invested by our franchisees, they have experienced some intangible benefits from being a part of the SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Family. While taking a decision to be a part of the SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD franchise system, one can be assured of receiving the following additional benefits:


With flexible working hours, coupled with several holidays, one gets a steady work – life balance that no other sector offers. Additionally, with a competent staff, that our Management helps you recruit; coupled with the flexible hours we employ; one can enjoy a finer lifestyle.


A significant number of our franchisees hold the opinion that they joined our franchise system to escape the politics, rigidity and annoyance of working for someone.


Many franchisees view their school as a project to express their creativity and achieve success through their own hard work.


Making a contribution to the local community, improving the lives of children and the satisfaction one gains from developing young people, is a motivating passion among all. And joining with our franchise system, provides one with that contentment too.


Everybody has the need to feel respected and many of our franchisees express that their school project has helped them build a status and respect for them in the eyes of their families, friends and colleagues.

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